The Land Of The Butterflies: Tales of Prophecy Vol. 1: A Prelude to Prophecy

Author: Bergen, S L

Brand: Westwood Books Publishing LLC

Package Dimensions: 45x227x1065

Number Of Pages: 722

Release Date: 16-11-2018

Details: Product Description

Are you willing to change your soul?
Judgement day is upon us. York Sabastin has been assigned our Instrument of Creation. Heed his lessons. Let him be your guardian. Reach for the Kingdom of God.
York Sabastin is a Cultural Judge on a distant planet called the Land of the Butterflies. His people believe they are Instruments of Creation bred to carry out the will of God throughout the universe. York has just returned from the planet Torac and his solution raised hopes that he was a prophet. As the lands most valuable Cultural Judge, he is assigned to answer the question: Should the civilization on the Earth be destroyed? He is required to provide both the answer and the solution.
God promises to teach him all the lessons he needs through him serving as a sire of a castle on the Land of the Butterflies. This book is the account of those lessons and his judgement.

About the Author

S L Bergen lives on one of the Northern Gulf Islands off Vancouver Island with her husband and five of their seven children. Being an avid reader, and inspired by her father, she wanted to try writing her own stories. After outlining a story, she discovered that the plot was too big for one book. Breaking the outline into a number of books, she started writing a series of books called Tales of Prophecy. Upon completion of the first draft of “The Land of the Butterflies,” she launched into writing most of the original book of the series. After months of revisions, she added the subtitle, A Prelude to Prophecy. A few years later, after a dream in which the manuscript of her book burned in a nightmare fire, she reread the manuscript, and here it is. Now, the author is writing again. She has finished the second book called So A Muki – Receiving Prophecy, and is working on the third, Katoada – Understanding Prophecy.


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